Castle Rock Police Success with Collaboration

Mariano Delle Donne


At Adventos, our commitment to proactive, collaborative policing environments where crimes are not only solved but prevented entirely is well documented by this point. We’ve taken great care to build the SmartForce Agency Management System (AMS) around this very idea, putting the necessary tools in the hands of the people who need them the most to help keep our communities safe from harm.

We also like nothing more than a good success story – which is why we’re happy to report the following experience from the Castle Rock Police Department.

The Castle Rock Police Department

For years, the Castle Rock Police Department embraced the idea of a data-driven, intelligence-led policing strategy.. They could see the winds of time changing right in front of them and knew they had to change with it. Unfortunately, though, they lacked the central hub to really pull it all together.

They were facing an environment where sergeants could look at crime analysis products and crime reports but getting the information to the officers wasn’t getting done nearly as effectively as it needed to. The department lacked the centralized tool to really shatter the silos of information and intelligence once and for all. They needed a single platform that helped them generate a true data-driven approach and they needed it sooner rather than later.

Additional complications stemmed from the fact that Castle Rock is a growing community and the department was growing right along with it. In the past six years alone the community has grown significantly and current trends reveal that there is no end to that in sight. The department was seeing communication issues that were negatively impacting how data and intelligence information was shared with department employees.

Enter: SmartForce

From the beginning, SmartForce seemed to address the department’s pain points. Department officials loved the fact that everything they put into the system immediately became mobile, so officers had access to the entire system at their fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They also loved the fact that all information, which used to be spread out across a number of different solutions, was suddenly in the same place at the same time in a way that was easy to take outside of the building. Bulletins that were talked about in shift briefings could be immediately sent out to officers in the field. If something important happened, everyone who needed to know about it DID.

SmartForce was also able to help the department deal with the challenges of a growing community that was growing at a significant rate. Six years ago, Castle Rock had 49,000 residents. Today, it has 64,000 and a thousand new homes are being built every year. SmartForce made it easier to address a higher volume of community concerns, all while bringing communication to one place so that everyone is on the same page at the same time.

Jason Lyons, the Patrol Commander from the Castle Rock Police Department, said “after a lot of research on [communication and collaboration], we landed on SmartForce. It seemed like the same kind of platform that would achieve both of those things, but it had the ability to grow with us as our business practices changed.”

Preparing for Tomorrow, Today

Initially, the Castle Rock Police Department started rolling out SmartForce slowly. They knew that such a dramatic shift in their technical foundation would naturally come with a bit of skepticism, so they wanted to make sure that they were able to get the support from their patrol officers that they needed to justify moving forward. They found support for SmartForce came easily, and above all else, they enjoy the fact that it actually does a lot more than what the department is asking for right now. Because of this, it’s a platform that offers the ability to grow as the department does, adequately addressing the challenges of today while making room for the needs of tomorrow and beyond, too.

The Castle Rock Police Department is just one example of an organization that has increased its efficiency and effectiveness once they’ve deployed SmartForce. There are many more examples, and at Adventos, we wouldn’t have it any other way. To find out more about our continued commitment to proactive policing, or to learn more about what the SmartForce Agency Management System can do, please contact us today.


Maximize Government Efforts With SmartCity by Adventos

José Herrera
VP of Product Development and Customer Success


Government efforts – be they in terms of something like law enforcement or just the daily activities that make our communities safer – depend on communication and collaboration above all else. Imagine a situation where everyone – from employees to administrators to even external partners – had instant access to real-time, accurate and actionable information by way of a secure city intranet architecture.

You can stop imagining. That situation is here and it’s possible thanks to SmartCity by Adventos™.

Introducing SmartCity by Adventos™: Your Key To Maximized Efforts and Improved Outcomes

SmartCity by Adventos™ is more than just a city intranet. It’s a single solution that instantly unlocks a wide range of different benefits, including but not limited to ones like:

  • Vastly improved communication and collaboration.
  • Far, far better customer service response.
  • Increased productive hours in every day.
  • Dramatically reduced administrative hours.
  • Improved employee job satisfaction across the board.

The city intranet functionality of SmartCity by Adventos™ is broken down into six core sections: Departments, Employees, Projects, Policies, Training and Community.

For the first time, department teams can collaborate via a literal community of practice sites. This makes it easier than ever to accomplish essential but time consuming tasks like accessing payroll, human resources and other benefits information, tracking projects, tasks, resources and so much more.

Not only that, but by having access to a single location that contains all of this information it increases accountability and transparency in an instant. Policies and procedures can all be managed by way of one sleek, sophisticated and state-of-the-art user interface. Document sign-offs and compliance information are captured for all time and accessible at a moment’s noticed. You can see what type of training content has been made available, see who is currently engaged in which activity and view historical records dating back years depending on the situation.

The best part of all is that the city intranet capabilities of SmartCity by Adventos™ offer secure access to the people who need it the most – both in terms of internal members of your own organization and with regards to external partners or other key constituents. If your agency is currently participating in a very important public/private partnership, for example, everyone can have access to the same information at the same time from ANY device on planet Earth with an Internet connection – all without worrying about the types of security issues that could potentially bring progress to its proverbial knees.

But as a tool, SmartCity by Adventos™ and the city intranet capabilities you can now enjoy don’t just have a community impact – they have a significant business impact, as well. Not only do you have a unique opportunity to empower members of your staff by guaranteeing access to the right tool for the right job at the right time, but you also get to mitigate operational risks, improve effectiveness and reduce costs all at once.

SmartCity by Adventos™ is a single, beautiful starting point to easily locate ALL information across an agency – whether you happen to be a member of that agency or you’re a community partner working closer to make your neighborhoods safer no longer matters. Those silos that previously existed amongst employees and across locations have finally been broken down, both for now and for all time. You don’t just get to create opportunities for collaboration amongst employees – you get to promote and empower it. You make it not a recommended option, but the obvious and most appropriate option.

SmartCity by Adventos™ also effortlessly integrates with Microsoft Project Online or any other third party project management tools that you may already be using.

In terms of government efforts, any opportunity that you have to maximize what you’re doing and guarantee superior outcomes is an opportunity that is more than worth taking. Though we may be biased, we at Adventos believe that SmartCity™ is that opportunity for the modern era.

To learn more about our current and expanding features of SmartCity, please , visit our site at


SmartCity by Adventos: The City Intranet You’ve Been Waiting For

José Herrera
VP of Product Development and Customer Success


At Adventos, the larger goal behind all the products and solutions that we release can essentially be summed up in a single word: empowerment. We want to do whatever we can to empower our clients and agency partners, so that they in turn can empower their own employees daily. With SmartCity By Adventos, we’ve taken another significant step in that direction that we couldn’t be more excited about.

Introducing: SmartCity By Adventos

SmartCity By Adventos is more than just a city intranet solution – it’s a way to truly maximize government efforts by providing employees, administrators and absolutely everyone in between with instant access to current information from one single and easy-to-use source. It’s built on the rock solid foundation of a Microsoft SharePoint cloud-based architecture, allowing it to be easy-to-use, secure, scalable and beautifully straightforward to implement.

There are six primary functional areas that are currently a part of the SmartCity By Adventos solution, including ones like:

  • Departments
  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Policies
  • Training
  • Community

This ability to focus on both the small and the big picture at the exact same time gives way to many incredible benefits, including but not limited to ones like:

  • Significantly increased productive hours each day
  • Decreased administration hours at the exact same time
  • Dramatically improved employee job satisfaction
  • Much better customer service response, which in turn gives way to
  • Improved communication and collaboration abilities across the board

With SmartCity By Adventos, department teams can effortlessly collaborate by way of a community of practice sites. Never has it been this easy to access Payroll, Human Resources and Benefits information – all with just a few quick clicks of your mouse or taps of your finger. Superior visibility is now a guarantee, allowing people to track projects, tasks and resources with greater ease.

SmartCity By Adventos also creates a bold new opportunity for increased accountability and transparency, both internally and externally outside of an agency. It’s very easy to manage policies and procedures, capture document sign-offs and compliance in formation, manage training content, employee certifications, training records and so much more.

The best part of all is that SmartCity By Adventos’ city intranet functionality provides secure access for external partnerships or key constituents, which is particularly helpful in terms of public/private partnerships.

In the end, the city intranet functionality of SmartCity By Adventos is our way to help guarantee the type of positive, forward-facing business impact that our partners need when they need it the most. Not only can you now empower your own staff by giving them access to every piece of data they need to work smarter, not harder, but you also reduce costs, mitigate operational risks and improve effectiveness – all at once.

You now have a single starting point to easily locate all agency information, shattering the silos that previously existed amongst all employees across ALL locations. This in turn makes it easier than ever to promote collaboration amongst employees in a way that can be effortlessly integrated with Microsoft Project Online or any other third-party project management tools that you may be using.

At the end of the day, we at Adventos understand that technology is just a tool – the same as any other. You not only need to be sure that you’ve chosen the right tool for the right job, but that this tool can be used in exactly the way that you need given the ever-changing circumstances that you’re facing. Thanks to the ability to share information with anyone at any time, it is now possible for all our agency partners to work smarter, not harder – particularly within the context of their relationships with outside forces.

We absolutely could not be more excited about all the many benefits that only the SmartCity By Adventos city intranet brings to the table and we believe that when you see it in action you will be, too.

To learn more about our current and expanding features of SmartCity, please , visit our site at


21st Century Public Safety: The Power of Technology in Public Service

Mariano Delle Donne


At Adventos, we couldn’t help but notice that there are many dramatic – and important – shifts that are happening in public safety. These are changes both in terms of how work is done and the impact that it is having on our communities.

Public Safety Organizations are becoming increasingly transparent to the community, allowing them to be more flexible in terms of the invaluable services and attention they provide. At the same time, work is increasingly virtual – it’s occurring anywhere, at any time, thanks to the power of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Adventos believes deeply in helping not one thousand people, not one million people, but one billion people through improved public safety and by harnessing both the power of people and the power of software at the exact same time. This is a large part of the reason why we believe that human collaboration through technology isn’t just important today, but will grow even more pressing in the not-too-distant future.

The Shape of Things to Come

As more and more millennials enter the public safety workforce, talent will need to engage on an aligned purpose – no longer just on hierarchy. Social and external collaborations are poised to make leadership more horizontal, shared and (most importantly) collective. Boundary-less work partnerships need to exist and networks will augment capabilities and redefine how agencies achieve success in crime reduction.

Just as importantly, analytics, algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence will create new work at the intersection between humans and automation. Menial tasks previously performed by humans will be abolished, freeing up their valuable time so that they can do more of what they do best – keeping our communities as safe as possible.

At Adventos, this is the future we believe in and it is the one that we are working hard to help create in any way that we can.


Human Trafficking and Major Crimes: Microsoft and SmartForce™ by Adventos

Chris Arvayo


Human trafficking, child exploitation, and similar major crimes are unfortunately all too common in the modern era. According to the Polaris project, the national human trafficking hotline has received more than 22,191 reports of sex trafficking cases in the United States since 2007 alone. It is estimated that as many as one in six endangered runaways likely become sex trafficking victims. Globally, there are approximately 4.5 million people trapped in these types of situations, according to the International Labour Organization.

As industry leaders, Adventos takes our commitment to law enforcement and public safety agencies around the country and the communities they serve very seriously. Therefore we’re so pleased to announce that, as a result of our partnership with Microsoft, Adventos is rolling out a Major Crimes Investigation Management System that will integrate effortlessly into our existing SmartForce™ Solution.

Introducing: The Major Crimes Investigation Management System

This system was built in collaboration with investigators across the country. This will help agencies manage, organize and conduct complex investigations such as human trafficking, child exploitation, homicide and organized crime more efficiently. Adventos designed, built and deployed the system, which is now available for nationwide use by Law Enforcement, to guarantee the maximum positive impact to public safety. The system will be hosted as part of the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which is CJIS compliant, allowing it to grow organically via their vast networking capabilities. This will instantly link federal, state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement agencies in a powerful and secure way.

Managing tips and leads in a major investigation can be a challenging process.  Law enforcement agencies commonly use web based software to intake tips from the public.  Unfortunately, utilizing a non-CJIS compliant digital workspace to manage tips and leads is not a viable option.  A CJIS compliant, web based environment is required to properly store, track, assign, and collaborate during a major investigation.  The Major Crimes Investigation Management System created by Adventos does just that.

Some of the features included in the new Major Crimes Investigative Management System are:

  • A centralized, secure location for tracking ALL investigations.
  • Complete visibility, allowing investigative units and command staff to track and assign leads as they are investigated.
  • Unique views for leads by status and assignment.
  • Investigative supervisors can add or remove internal or external members of an investigation as the need arises.
  • Tasks and action items can be assigned to the right people instantly, allowing everyone to take important actions as quickly as possible.
  • Activities and follow up can be managed and organized so that the appropriate resources can be allocated appropriately.
  • Tracking and linking of investigative assets such as witnesses, suspects, associates, anonymous tipsters and media assets.

Many innovative features have also been included that are designed to make these types of major crimes investigations easier and more efficient than ever before. Templated forms and document libraries help save precious time in a situation where every second counts.  Law enforcement agencies at every level can now easily collaborate with one another in a secure and effective way, tracking complex investigations that are constantly changing. It even includes the ability to link to specific investigations with rich text and all other forms of relevant media.

At Adventos, we want nothing more than to do our part to help the hardworking men and women of law enforcement keep us safe each day and we believe that our new Major Crimes Investigation Management System will do precisely that.

If you have any additional questions about the Major Crimes Investigation Management System, or if you’re eager to learn more about the SmartForce Agency Management System (AMS), please don’t delay – contact Adventos today.


New and Improved Must Have Tools for Crime Analysts

Mariano Delle Donne


In late 2015, I wrote about how Crime Analysts across the country are becoming the secret weapons for law enforcement. Crime analyst work and their products, such as intelligence bulletins, help organize crime reduction responses and policing efforts.

In the article I described the must have tools for crime analysts to be successful in their role.

At that time, we did not yet have the powerful BulletinWizard by SmartForce™. We have learned a lot since then and because of our learning, here is a shorter and improved take on must have tools for crime analysts and their law enforcement agencies.

One – CAD and RMS
No change here. CAD and RMS provide a lot of the raw crime report data that is needed to understand crime trends. Enough said, this is table stakes.

Two – Law Enforcement Specific GIS
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) leverage location-based data to create actionable intelligence. In fact, GIS systems like Esri provide more than mapping and make for powerful analysis tools for crime analysts. Visually, on a map, GIS can fuse together crime data, prolific offenders, and parolees. Esri is the industry standard for GIS.

Three – Crime Analysis Software
Moved from number two to three. Crime analysis software can range from simple tools to very robust software packages with powerful query, visualization, and forecasting capabilities. GIS systems today contain sophisticated analytical tools including potential integrations with CAD and RMS, possibly replacing the need for a stand-alone crime analysis product.

Four – Agency Management System
Public safety responses to crime reduction initiatives must be organized, secure, targeted, and proactive. Most responses involve coordination and collaboration from multiple units and often occur during uncommitted time. A crime intelligence product has a deeper impact on crime reduction when assigned to the right units and implemented/utilized in an organized manner. To see the level of success possible see how the Grand Junction Police is getting results from proactive policing and their impressive results from a recent targeted operation that you can read about here.

Intelligence Tip:
Email is sometimes used to communicate with the field. You can see posts about the risks of email on this blog. The SmartForce™ Agency Management System compliments your RMS and CAD and is CJIS compliant.

Five – The BulletinWizard by SmartForce™
Crime analysts have too much on their hands to fight with desktop publishing software to create intelligence bulletins. The BulletinWizard by SmartForce ™ cuts down the time of creating bulletins in half, is easy to use, is cloud based, and CJIS compliant. Powerful features like secure group sharing and integration with other Crime Analyst products make it a winner with crime analysts.


About SmartForce™ by Adventos

SmartForce™ is the only CJIS compliant and mobile agency management system designed to drive current policing strategies.  SmartForce™ also provides a single platform for integrating and automating all law enforcement administrative processes outside of CAD and RMS.

For more information visit and view a video demonstration of SmartForce™ today.

You can read the older post here.


Public Private Partnership: BulletinWizard by SmartForce™ for Retail Theft

Mariano Delle Donne


According to a recent study conducted by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, retail theft may be growing at a greater rate than most would guess.  It is estimated that there are 27 million shoplifters operating in the United States today – a number that breaks down to about one out of every 11 shoppers. The cost to the retail industry is approaching $50 billion per year according to a recent NRF Survey.

To impact the world of retail theft, store owners and loss prevention managers must provide key information to their law enforcement agency and other store owners that can help detect retail crime patterns, identify potential shoplifters, and inform of criminal MO’s. This requires an effective public/private partnership between the retail industry and law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, county, tribal, and local level.

BulletinWizard by SmartForce™ for Retail Theft

The BulletinWizard by SmartForce™ for Retail Theft helps curb retail theft and improve community safety by providing store owners and loss prevention managers a way to communicate crime related information within their desired retail networks, including and importantly, their local law enforcement agency.

The major benefit of the solution comes by way of the Retailer Crime Bulletin Board, a common bulletin board with secure group sharing functionality that makes the sharing of retail crime related information to their local law enforcement agency quick and more efficient.

With the BulletinWizard by SmartForce™ for Retail Theft, you maintain superior visibility over:

  • People who have attempted to steal, or those who you believe have stolen.
  • The specific type of property, goods or other assets that were targeted and stolen.
  • Check or credit card fraud.
  • Information about any attempts made to identify these people.

As mentioned, it is also possible to use the solution to identify certain trends and patterns as they develop in real-time – many of which would have previously gone undiscovered. You can see repeat offenders and how often they target a location, or which “hot ticket” items are the most common theft targets so retailers can make better and more informed decisions on how to protect their property. Our retail partners will also be pleased to know that a direct connection with their local police department can be included in the cost of their subscription.

Law Enforcement: How to get started for FREE

This public private partnership is made possible by retailers and Adventos and is FREE to Law Enforcement.

To enroll in the program, email or call 480-371-5956 with your name, title, and agency name.

Law Enforcement eligibility will be validated. Once validated you will be granted read-only access to the secure and CJIS compliant BulletinWizard by SmartForce™ for Retail Theft so you can begin taking a pro-active approach to reducing retail theft and increasing your agency’s community oriented policing efforts.


SmartForce™ Shift Briefing by Adventos

Chris Arvayo


21st Century Communication and Collaboration For 21st Century Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agency personnel understand the unique challenges of running traditional in-person shift briefings. Individual workload, pending calls for an oncoming shift, and administrative duties such as training and court appearances often prevent members of the squad from attending briefing. In a typical work week, you would be incredibly lucky to have even a single briefing where every member of the squad was actually present.

This doesn’t mean that shift briefings are any less important. Far from it: a quality, proactive agency depends on an open and real-time stream of communication to get things done and to achieve better, more effective outcomes. For the continued success of law enforcement agencies around the country, along with the safety and security of communities they serve, we must apply the most current technology to community policing and problem oriented policing models.

Luckily, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the CJIS compliant solution is here.

Introducing: SmartForce™ Shift Briefing

At Adventos, we recognize the logistical challenges our agency partners face in terms of sharing information with one another while getting everyone on the same page. With this in mind, SmartForce™ Shift Briefing was born – a single sophisticated yet easy-to-use digital workspace built with information sharing, collaboration and assigning projects and tasks at its core.

With SmartForce™ Shift Briefing, a patrol officer has instant access to ALL the information they need to effectively serve their community – whether they’ve been able to attend an actual in-person shift briefing or they’re halfway across town waiting for their court appearance to start.

All mission-critical information is easily updated in the SmartForce™ Shift Briefing tool where it can be accessed from ANY desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device with an active Internet connection, allowing Officers to consume mission critical information needed to do their job in the safest and most effective manner.

Department leaders can choose between sharing data agency-wide, or on the district or shift levels. Whatever is the best decision to be made given the circumstances is now one that can be made as quickly and as easily as possible.

SmartForce™ Shift Briefing isn’t just an innovative solution to the logistical challenge created by traditional, in-person shift briefings. It’s also an easy-to-use tool built with form and functionality in mind. In the end, we wanted to help empower law enforcement agencies with a tool that brings them closer – both literally and metaphorically – to the communities they serve through effective, efficient communication and collaboration.

The days of trying to get all officers in the same room at the same time to share essential findings and other information are long over. If something happens, you’re never more than a few seconds away from pushing those events out to EVERYONE who needs to know – whether they’re at the station or in the field doesn’t actually matter.


Grand Junction Police Dept. Continues to have success with their Proactive Approach to Crime Reduction

Brian Mc Grew
Vice President of Marketing


The Grand Junction Police Department has found the utilization of proactive policing can make a difference in their community. Over the past three years alone, CFS (or “calls for service”) in the 2100 North Avenue area grew to an unsettling average of about 130 per week. Calls ran the gamut among nearly every type of crime you could think of and the department was devoting a huge amount of its resources to this one area and trends still showed no signs of reversing. It was clear that a new approach was needed and it was needed as soon as possible.

The new approach decided upon was to leverage a police-centric intelligence collecting and sharing platform to collect and disseminate operational information, align manpower, manage equipment, and account for officer activity.

With the addition of the SmartForce™ Agency Management System (AMS), the Grand Junction Police Department embarked on an active, focused operation for 13 weeks (February 17, 2017 to May 17, 2017) on the 2100 North Avenue area.


By creating an “Ops Discussion” in SmartForce™ for the different units within GJPD to post and access information in real-time, officers and supervisors gained immediate visibility over key data, direction, manpower, equipment, and other resources associated with the 2100 North Operation.  Officers could view real-time updates from their crime analyst on where crimes were taking place, what kinds of crimes, and contact information about suspects in the area as well as those calling for service.  Supervisors made decisions on deploying manpower and equipment resources based on the real-time data so as to deter crimes from occurring through such a pro-active policing approach.

The results speak volumes.  From the charts below comparing Calls for Service over like time periods to the 2100 North Avenue, a full 50% decrease was seen or 65 per week. Even after the operation had completed, the CFS rate dropped to only six per week – a record low for the area and the department. 2100-North-Ave

In short, SmartForce™ gave the Grand Junction Police Department something much more powerful than simple information – it gave them real-time insight and operational organization never before realized to significantly elevate public safety to this problem-area for the first time in years.


Change is good, right?

Mariano Delle Donne


We are surrounded by change, in our work, the community, and even more organically in our changing seasons. As I write this, I am surrounded by the impressive fall season in Colorado, as the trees turn from green to all shades of yellow, red and orange. So, for a change I would like to share my story from a recent interview I did with Vince Menzione about what drives me, and in turn Adventos and SmartForce in our vision to help 1 billion people.

This is a guest blog post from Vince Menzione at Cloud Wave Partners, original article link here.